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Keep to the original all selects the superior Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine cream sophora, common cnidium fruit, kochia scoparia, cortex dictamni, cortex phellodendri, honeylocust thorn, unicorn, lotus, radix stemonae, Indian buead, seven swords, iron Holly plants such as soil extract refined from natural herbal essence of the new generation of skin cream preparation for external use traditional Chinese medicine.

Scope of application: applicable to skin sterilization and bacteriostasis.Such as staphylococcus aureus (rotting aureus), candida albicans (fungus).

Suggestion recommended: acute or chronic dermatitis, eczema, tinea manus (Hong Kong foot, fungal), body tinea (sweat stain), psoriasis, peeling, blister, bad feet, the feet itch, pruritus vulvae, hemorrhoids, mosquito bites, acne, prickly heat, itchy skin.

Usage and dosage :

External use, the right amount of this product to put on the skin to wash affected area, 2 to 3 times a day, can be used again one to two weeks after symptoms disappear, to prevent recurrence

Notes :this product is for external use only avoid is oral, not used for large area wound surface.
Taboo: allergy to any component of this disabled.

 Shelf life: two years

Helpful hints:

Patients should eat less all kinds of wine, seafood, spicy food.Can eat more heat cool blood, nourishing blood, skin, detoxification functions and so on food to help cure skin disease.

Package Included:

1pc YiGanErJing Natural Herbal Herbal Cream for Psoriasis Eczema Acne

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Product Features

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Cream
  • Applicable to skin sterilization and bacteriostasis
  • Is suitable for all skin
  • External use, the right amount of this product to put on the skin to wash affected area
  • Great gift for yourself and send it to friend

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Drula Pigment Anti Vitiligo – White Spots Self tanner

Product Features

  • This cream helps to moderate the differences between dark and light skin in case of depigmentations (vitiligo – like). It is a special combination of a pearl-gloss pigment and a self-tanning substance to give the skin a smooth and uniform tan.
  • Contains the new active substance complex of a coated pigment and the self-tanners Erythrulose and Dihydroxyaceton (DHA)
  • in case of white skin spots on pigmented skin (vitiligo)
  • the self tanners tone the white spots (vitiligo) and the brown coloured pigment covers the skin surfaces
  • white spots are toned. the brown pearl-gloss coloured pigment moderates the contrast to the skin surfaces.

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