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This book contains proven steps and strategies to treat the symptoms of vitiligo using both conventional & natural strategies.

Here’s a Preview of What Vitiligo Cure Contains…

  • An overview of the skin condition known as Vitiligo
  • Conventional treatment strategies for Vitiligo
  • Natural supplements to treat vitiligo
  • Herbal treatments for Vitiligo
  • Controlling your Vitiligo via diet (what you need to know!!)
  • And much, much more!

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Melgain Lotion for Vitiligo/white patches: Decapeptide : Stimulates Pigmentation 10ML

What are the ingredients in Melgain• Lotion? Active Ingredient: Each ml of Melgain lotion~ntains Deca-peptide (Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor) -1mg. Inactive Ingredients: Isopropyl alchol, Myristate and Glycol- base- q.s.

Product Features

  • skin characterized by white patches

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