Vitiligo – The World of white Patches

This novel is a white patch excursion through religion, geography, medicine, and history, and is packed with interviews and the insights of scientists. It starts out smoothly enough, but soon becomes pretty exciting and turns out to be very helpful on many levels. White patches have been known to exist for about 5’000 years, yet their exact causes remain elusive. The unpatched author of this book once incidentally stepped into the world of Vitiligo as a photographer. Since that day roughly 14 years ago, she has accompanied approximately 400 patch owners from all over the globe and has documented their stories and experiences to share this very helpful knowledge with others. This book also features personal patch owner stories of success.

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Melgain Lotion for Vitiligo/white patches: Decapeptide : Stimulates Pigmentation 10ML

What are the ingredients in Melgain• Lotion? Active Ingredient: Each ml of Melgain lotion~ntains Deca-peptide (Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor) -1mg. Inactive Ingredients: Isopropyl alchol, Myristate and Glycol- base- q.s.

Product Features

  • skin characterized by white patches

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Snow White’s Seven Patches: A Vitiligo Fairy Tale (Fairy Ability Tales)

Snow White’s Seven Patches: A Vitiligo Fairy Tale is a modern-day story with the classical theme of good conquering evil. You’ll find the age-old ingredients of a magic mirror, poisonous apple, dwarfs, and romance here. However, this adaptation includes a vain mother who’s so clouded by beauty myths that she keeps her own daughter a secret, while plagiarizing the workings of her mind. Everything falls apart when the good mirror finally speaks the truth. * Young readers with vitiligo will look at their own skin patches with a unique lens, finding interesting shapes and stories behind each puffy cloud of white. * Readers will be introduced to the firsthand-hurt that plagiarism can cause through Snow White’s experience. * The loving dwarf family illustrates that helping people in need should be a priority in life. * Readers learn that not all princesses look alike. * The concept of “beauty is within the eye of the beholder” is exemplified by the prince and magic mirror. “Life is not really perfect, even if you are so-called normal. Children must grow and overcome then move on through the many difficulties that arise in their lives, some can be the lack of understanding, sympathy and acceptance. For those who are disabled in one way or another, not perfect, this can be an ongoing reality. Jewel Kats has an insight into the world of children who have life stacked against them. This is just one of her retellings of a timeless tale geared to helping others, and if it can be done, righting a wrong.” –J.D. Holiday, author, illustrator, host of Book Garden Radio “Jewel Kats entertains and engages, highlighting significant issues that resonate with children and adults alike. In Snow White’s Seven Patches, Jewel emphasizes how to overcome adversity with creativity. She encourages children to maintain a healthy perspective about their physical appearance. Jewel reminds us that despite wickedness, we can move on and get about the business of life, letting serendipity take us to

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