Psoriasis Lamp- UV-B Lamp for Psoriasis, Vitiligo or Eczema Ideal for Home Phototherapy Treatment

Lamp: PL-S9W / 01
Number of lamps: UVB lamp x2 branch
Light source type: Fluorescent (cold light)
Irradiation area: 70 * 90mm
Transmission intensity: 12.4mw / cm
Power: 220V
Weight: 3kg
Lamp size: H type 28 * 170mm
Accessories: UV goggles
Dimensions: 220MM * 160mm * 165mm
Scope: For vitiligo, psoriasis skin disease adjuvant therapy
Not applicable to the crowd: 1 dry skin disease patients, dermatomyositis patients, Bloom syndrome patients, malignant melanoma patients, lupus patients, solar dermatitis patients, pregnant women, cataract, history of familial melanoma
(Note; adjuvant therapy under the guidance of a doctor and regular follow-up)
Before use to check the various parts of the instrument is intact,

Product Features

  • UVB Narrowband lamps are safe and most effective drug free treatment of all types of Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema and similar skin conditions.
  • 3-4 times a week for each area treated. Positive results have been seen in as little as one week; however results do vary between individuals and severity of condition. ?Different periods of human body are not fixed, and the body parts of the different time is different.?We recommend that you consult your dermatologist for full treatment advice before use.
  • Irradiation is close to the skin according to irradiation once every other day, easy to operate, their own home to buy mainly to save time, effort and money. (Another reminder: the different parts of the body, the time is different.)
  • Irradiation time: The initial time is 20 seconds, then add 10 seconds each time, until the day after irradiation there is red at the irradiation of the phenomenon, record the time, after which time according to the irradiation is possible. (After the skin is black spots will be melanin, and then the skin is slowly turned into a normal skin)
  • Not applicable to the population: 1 Dermatological dermatitis, dermatomyositis, Broome syndrome, malignant melanoma, lupus, solar dermatitis, pregnant women, cataract, familial melanoma

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