Home Care Wholesale® UV Phototherapy Lamp with Digital Timer – Treatment for Leukoderma, Psoriasis, Pityriasis Rosea, Eczema, Vitiligo and Other Skin Diseases

The handheld style UV phototherapy lamp achieves better results than stationary phototherapy devices when doing treatment of areas with rounded surfaces such as hands and feet.

Typical users:

Skin doctors
Health clinics / treatment centers
People who have been recommended this product by their doctor
People who feel uncomfortable in seeking treatment for their skin condition
Patients requiring longer term treatment that is more convenient to do at home
People who live in areas where it is not easy or convenient to get treatment

Technical Product Details

UV-B Lamp has a life expectancy of 1000-1200 hours
UVB Lamp intensity: 3~16nw/cm2
UVB spectral range: 280~320nm
Working voltage: 220V
Input power: 40VA
Warranty: 1 Years

Package Contents

1 * UV Phototherapy Lamp with Digital Timer
1 * User Manual
1 * Storage Box

Product Features

  • This device can be used in a health clinic or at home to treat skin diseases such as Leucoderma, Psoriasis, Pityriasis Rosea, Eczema (Dermatitis).
  • The phototherapy device can be used to treat all parts of the body, including the scalp.
  • High quality UV phototherapy Utilizes special medical-grade Philips UV lamp for maximum effectiveness.
  • Design is lightweight and simple to use. The handheld design allows the user to easily move around the treatment area to achieve superior results.
  • Integrated digital timer assures the correct time of use for each treatment.

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