A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo

This book is best described as a practical guide to vitiligo for patients and their caretakers. Yan Valle, the CEO of Vitiligo Research Foundation, will cut through all the clutter surrounding vitiligo, debunk some common myths, and reveal what you really need to know to understand and manage vitiligo with minimal effort.

“A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo” contains the hidden truth about vitiligo and its connection with other diseases, common household items, daily stress and environmental factors. The author shares effective principles you too can use to detect early signs of vitiligo, identify potential triggers, and be confident about available treatment options.

The book is comprised of three sections: Body, Environment, and Treatments. Of course, there is tremendous overlap across the sections, as they are interdependent. In fact, you could think of the three as a tripod, upon which any treatment is balanced. One needs all three to have any sustainable success in treating vitiligo – or indeed any other condition.
It’s easy to read over a weekend, yet it is extensively referenced to encourage a deeper investigation into the subject, if necessary.

Yan Valle is a strategist, consultant and writer. As a patient since around six years of age, Yan has gone through every common pitfall known to a person diagnosed with vitiligo. 
As a professional, Yan went from nearly three decades in the high-tech and business development sector to become Chief Executive Officer of the 501(с)3 non-profit Vitiligo Research Foundation, based in New York, USA.


“This ambitious book is about how to help ordinary patients understand and manage their skin condition. Everyone interested in vitiligo should absolutely read it.” — 
Prof. Torello Lotti

A smart, accessible book that takes a look at the whole body and its environment to understand the disease, treatment tools and protocols, and well worth the price.” — 
Prof. Robert Schwartz

This is an insightful journey from a patient perspective into the trials and tribulations of living with vitiligo. The author integrates in a flawless form social, medical and psychological burden of living with vitiligo. It is truly the most complete and essential guide to living with vitiligo.” — 
Prof. Andy Goren

This book is rare. It looks at vitiligo with an insider’s knowledge, wisdom and deep caring about patients.
” — Ogo Maduewesi, VITSAF

“Yan Valle is the person to listen about vitiligo.” — 
Lee Thomas, Fox2 TV

“Yan gave over vast amounts of information in a really readable, cogent fashion.  This is really a great presentation of a complex topic.  … I am sure that there are hundreds of other diseases, where a guide like this would be really valuable.
” — James Adelson, Zanderm

I love how easy to understand and comprehensive it is – something definitely lacking in the vitiligo community today.” — 
Erika Page, Living Dappled

“A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo is deeply original and well-referenced book. Yan doesn’t just list all options for you to choose from, but makes sensible suggestions.
” — Prof. Konstantin Lomonosov

“I must congratulate author on the achievement and contribution he made for public awareness of vitiligo. Its a wonderful book. Both patients and professionals will benefit from it.
” — Prof. Xing-Hua Gao

“Yan explains what’s wrong with drug development and why there is still no cure for vitiligo. He also gives a critical, much-needed overview of the effectiveness of various therapies for vitiligo.
” — Prof. Igor Korobko

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